Motor Araba, S.A

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Since November 2001, our company specializes in export of new vehicles, KM0 and recent opportunities to the EEC.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of export of vehicles, we provide a fairly comprehensive service as well to both professionals and individuals.

We offer new or pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices, from the dealerships and multi-brand distributors serious and reliable.

Motor Araba trust, guarantee and quality.

Motor Araba S.A. offers a wide choice of cars with important discounts up to 40% cheaper. While ensuring an optimal quality of service to its customers. We offer you low prices all year round, a large number of brands and models new and KM0 vehicles on specific command or fast availability, possibility to hire a transport for you and vehicles under warranty manufacturer.

We offer virtually any model of any brand.

We remain at your disposal for any other information.

OUR PRIORITY: OUR CUSTOMERS, in order to install a long term business relationship.



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    Visit our STOCK